How to Naturally Heat up your Bedroom in Upstairs

Warm cozy home in winter night is the basic you can expect. After finish your long day at work or whatever you definitely need a quiet comfortable sleep to start over again next day.  So at cold temperature heating is an important issue in the bedroom, especially if it in upstairs and don’t have any external heating unit. Definitely the easy solution is to get a room heater just for that room. But considering the economic condition in present days we can try to save some bucks by trying some natural procedure. It is extremely important to heat up your bedroom unit in upstairs or second floor.

Try these methods

  • Usually most in most home we have in built fireplace in master bedroom. Try to clean the fire place and get it work. Fireplace definitely can’t warm up large area but it can definitely initially use to warm up room. Try to gather some fire woods if you can collect them from surrounding. Try to clean the flue if have not use the fireplace for long time. Be sure of proper ventilation in the room. You can also use the fore place which only uses gas to light up fire not woods. This is an easiest way to heat up your bedroom in inexpensive way.
  • Try to use a heater which uses kerosene. You can place it in the center of upstairs, where you usually spend time when you are awake. This is very helpful in heating up the room and keeps it warm. But one caution you have to adapt for this that you cannot leave it without monitoring it all the time. Make sure that you have carbon monoxide detector in vicinity and properly working. Sometimes improper usage of kerosene heater can cause fire hazard. You have to also follow the rules of local county ordinance rule for using the open flame in your house for safety.
  • Try to insulate your room in proper way to maintain your room temperature constant. First tightly close the glass window, then put the blind and then use double curtain to make it cozy. You can use the double layer cotton quilt or blanket to keep you warm throughout the night. If you still fell cold you can use electric blanket that will keep your warm and cozy all throughout night. This also uses very low amount of electric city.
  • If you feel you can just want to add a little space heater in your master bedroom this is also a good idea, if you can use this in very conservative way.  Try to get a heater which is energy star efficient and use it in intervals. This will definitely help you to heat up your master bedroom at the same time keep your electric bill low.