How to recover windows when you have lost some file?

Computers have become the part of our daily life. Most of the computers today use Windows XP. If you are using your computer for ordinary use then it runs smoothly but sometimes when you try to install new software or make some changes in the windows or BIOS settings then your computer software crashes or goes invisible. In such cases, you have to use Windows XP recovery software to be able to use your computer again. Many of the computers do not have this recovery software when they are purchased. But you don’t need to worry as you can download it easily from internet. This software holds almost all the software and files, which your computer uses, and hence it helps you a lot in rebuilding your system. Given below are some instructions to use this recovery software.

First, you should place the floppy disk in your disk drive reserved for floppy. Then you click on the link, which comes under this sentence “Download a Windows XP recovery disk from Microsoft.” First click the download button and then click on save. Save this software on the floppy disk.

It may take some time to download the software as it depends on many factors. Your internet connection speed and the system speed or bus speed does matter a lot in this whole scenario. Anyhow, when the downloading finishes then you should remove the floppy disk. Now place this floppy disk on the computer on which you want to use the recovery software.

Once you have placed the floppy disk in the computer in which you want to make some recoveries. Then turn it off and after turning off turn it on back so you computer can use the software. You have no need to look for software and then start using it, your computer will automatically do it for you. Once it starts running up it will allow you to install Window XP once again.

At the very last step when this software done with it working, then turn off your computer again and the start it up again so the changes may work affectively. You will notice this time that the software which becomes invisible or which was not remained as useful as it was before, starts working again.

Another thing which you should keep in your mind that sometimes this recovery software will ask you about the files which needs to be recovered. Now the file type may vary or file extension may vary. And if you are not sure about the file type or which file to be recovered the go for default setting. The advantage of this default setting is that it will recover all the basic and necessary things that you need to run your computer. If still that file is not recovered then look for an computer expert. He will help you a lot in this regard. Finally, one last comment is this that if you know about the exact file type, which needs to be recovered, then you should click on that file type and then let the software allow doing the rest of the job.