How to Save your Pumpkin Plant from Bacterial Infection or Wilt

Whenever you are growing a plant either it is flower, fruit or vegetables, every time you have to take care for the bacterial infection or other kind of insect or weeds. Just by planting a favorite plant and watering them daily is not enough to get the ripened fruit. Vegetables like pumpkin, squash or cucumber are belonging to the family of cucurbitaceous. The plant belong to these family are easy to grow and most staple in home garden. These family of plant like melon pumpkin or squash are very much prone to bacterial infection by Erwinia tracheiphila, a bacteria belong to the family of gram negative genera but there are several ways you can adapt to prevent this infection. Researchers from different university have shown that pumpkin can still withstand such infection of bacterial wilt and try to adapt to grow with it.

How you know that it is bacterial wilt?

The main symptoms you will find if you have bacterial infection are the wilting of pumpkin leaves. Usually you will find after a round of infection, the whole plant turning yellow and it started getting dry. Pumpkin plants if it is healthy grow vigorously, and produce lot of bloom in the main ripening season. But if here is infection with bacterial wilt, the growth of the plant will cease and it will turned cripples and deformed in structure. Other than causing deformation in shape and structure the bacterial may also destroy the capacity of growing fruit of the plant and so you cannot get any pumpkin in those infected plant. It is also hazardous to keep this infected plant in your garden, as it can spread and destroy other nearby plant. It not only infect the plant but it also make it vulnerable to other kind of attack like of fungi, mosses etc. It has also been observed that if you cut any branches of infected plant, it produce white sticky liquid. This is one of the characteristic of bacterial wilt infection.

What are the causes?

This bacterial wilt spread the bacteria Erwinia tracheiphila by two insect vector, they are spotted and stripped cucumber beetle. They usually occupy the digestive system of the insect, so whenever they are feeding on the leaves of fresh healthy plant, the plant get infected from their fluid from mouth. The bacterial infection usually cause in the early season of pumpkin growth, so apparently  when you find that leaves are wilting or turning yellow, we always have a notion that it is not getting enough of water. But actually the bacteria are eating the nutrients and so watering superficially will not help to restore the situation.

How you can treat the  Bacterial infection?

Still there is no exact treatment available to stop or inhibit the infection among Pumpkin plants. So the only way you can do is to cut the branches of infected plant or just uproot the whole plant to save other plant in the garden. As there is no proper treatment, it is extremely important to watch for any symptoms of bacterial infection.

How to prevent Bacterial infection?

Try to keep the garden clean and well maintained all the time. Plant your pumpkin plant far away from cucumber plant. If you have noticed any beetle especially those stripped or spotted beetle, just start spraying insecticide. Don’t spray the pumpkin plant directly if you have to start with very low dose as spraying may change the growth and quality of pumpkin. You can try covering the plant with cheese –cloth, which will keep the insect away from plant.