How to Seamlessly Wrap your Gift Box

Seamlessly Wrap your Gift Box – Wrapping a gift almost every month for something or other is important activity we have to engage in our daily life. It is not only Christmas or New Year, it can be birthday, anniversary or any other day, and we have to definitely need to gift wrap with all the favorite gift wrap paper. Buying a beautiful gift in a box is only being appreciated if you wrapped in a hallmark gift wrap paper or some other theme you want to go with it. Sometimes the store you are buying the gift cannot able to wrap your gift with the paper you wish for. So you have to get it without wrapping and you have to finish this job in home. If you wrapping a gift box and if you wrinkled your paper, you cannot adjust the area you need or you can’t fold in right way then, the gift box will look horrible and it loses the impression of perfect gift. Here are few tips to wrap your gift box in professional finish.

  • First collect the material like scissor, tape, gift wrap paper, ribbons etc in a clean place and hard space. It is best option to do this in your working space.
  • First remove the tag which includes the price and the name of the place from you bought it, if you want to keep it surprise.
  • Try to place your gift within gift box and then place it into the gift wrap paper and unfold the roll in surplus amount to cover it all around the gift box. Every corner should be overlapping 1.5 inch pace with each other. Just confirm that you have enough paper to wrap the end of each side of box so that you can fold and cover them over each other.
  • Keep eye at box where you need to fold and flap at the side of top and bottom. Cut the extra piece if you feel it is too much for folding smoothly. Try to make an assessment that length should be such a dimension that it is sufficient to wrap the side at the same time small enough to flap easily.
  • Now cut the paper as you have measured you think you need to cover the box. Then place the box centrally into the gift paper.
  • Now fold one end of the paper at the center of box by covering almost front side of the box. Tape this end. Now take the other end of the paper and bring over the front wrap and tape it. After this step your box is all covered and just have two open ends.
  • Now take turn your box in rectangular position and start with one side at a time. Hold the left and right edge and flap it smoothly make a triangular shape. After folding both sides, tape it gently at the same time stretching both sides so that you can get a smooth plain wrinkle free finish. This step is crucial because, you can’t stretch it too hard that paper get snapped or ripped.
  • Now it is time to put a ribbon. If you feel that any side of your box is not perfectly wrapped, try keeping that side down and then tie the ribbon. First cover it lengthwise then seam it breadth wise and bring it to center. Now tie it in form of bow. If you have custom message or tag you can put it inside the bow and tape it.