How to Send Secure Money Online

With the development in information technology, users of the Internet are now able to transfer money online securely with the help of online banking service. Through online banking, users are able to carry out any monetary transactions with just clicking buttons on your personal computer.

Things You’ll Need

  • Personal computer or laptop with connection to the Internet
  • Email address or cell phone number of the PayPal member to whom you wish to carry out monetary transaction with


Transferring of  Money using PayPal

1) Must first sign up for PayPal by visiting the home page and click “sign up” at the bottom left corner of the page. Then, choose between premier, personal or business, depending on your preference to transfer money via online Internet service.

2) Then filled up your personal details by providing your email address which will later be your     login name. PayPal will use this email address to send notifications and remember to choose a password and complete the form. Then, click “Agree and Create Account.”

3) From the list given, choose which method you would prefer for paying your purchases whereby you should note that if paying with your bank account, money will be directly taken out form your savings or checking and confirmation of the account may be time consuming. If credit card option is chosen, the account can be immediately set up. Then, complete the questionnaires and click “Continue”.

4) To add money into your PayPal account, click “Add Funds” on the secondary top navigation bar at the PayPal home welcome screen and click on the preferred method. Select the amount needed and then click “Continue”.

5)  At the top of the welcome screen, click on “Send Money” which will then lead you to a Send Money form.

6)  Key in the phone number or email address of the PayPal member to whom you wish to carry out monetary transaction with. Then, key in the amount and the currency of choice.

7) Determine the type of transaction to be made whether it is for purchase of items or service or for a personal transaction. Click on the preferred transaction and then click “continue”.

8) Do examine the transaction to ensure that the information keyed in is correct and you may also look into PayPal’s policies. If you wish to make any changes to the amount of money, just click “Change”. You may also add n a personal message for the recipient of the money to be sent. Once all has been set, just click “Send Money”.

Sending  Money with Western Union

1)  Go to Western Union home page and click “Send Money” which will allow you to see the options available to send money. Click on “Send Money Online”.

2) You must select your state before choosing the state of which you will send the money to.  Do examine the secure sending services.  “Money in Minutes” is for emergency transactions needs while “Overnight Home Delivery”  allows the recipient to receive the money at his/her home, and “Economy” packages helps in cost saving.  “Direct to Bank” allows money to be sent into the recipient’s bank account directly.

3) Click “Create Account” to create a new customer account complete with  all the personal details required.

4) At the Send Money form, do fill up the required information and then click “Continue”.

5) Next, complete your credit card information and click “Continue”. After making sure that everything is accurate and correct, click “Confirm”.