How to Sparkle the Greasy Kitchen Cabinet

The most common problem we usually face in our kitchen Cabinet is deposition of grease everywhere on wooden Cabinet. We usually clean the stove or sink or counter top, but everyday cleaning the wooden Greasy Kitchen Cabinet is almost very hard job. If you are taking anything out from wooden cabinet during cooking we usually leave a mark or impression of grease on it. If you don’t clean that right away the grease collect dust and particle and then it became a big grease spot. Also whenever we are cooking or frying food, all the time grease get deposited in the wooden cabinets. If we don’t clean Greasy Kitchen Cabinet for long time we will be seeing the change in color in case of white cabinet and you can feel it by touch for darker shade cabinets. Just a wipe with kitchen towel or paper rolls with water is not just adequate to remove that highly resistant grease. As wood are very much sensitive to erosion it s a good idea to use something which is good for wooden cabinet as well as for your hand and easy to clean. First try to get Mr. clean scrub or any microfiber kitchen towel available in any grocery store, any type of dish washing liquid like dawn, Ajax or Palmolive and stain wiping alcohol spray.

  • Try to get a multipurpose cleaner like pledge, Windex or scrubbing bubble. Spray this generously in towel and use it directly to clean the Greasy Kitchen Cabinet. Don’t use water as it will dilute the effect. This will easily remove the grease and give a new look to your wooden cabinet.
  • First soak a kitchen towel in to hot water and add few drops of dawn or  dish washing detergent in it. Now make the towel all soapy and drain out the excess water and use it to wipe the wooden cabinet. This will also help to cut out the grease. But after washing with soap, wipe it with clean water to remove the detergent from the Greasy Kitchen Cabinet.
  • For quick result apply stain remover which you use for fabric to remove the stain in woods. Spray this in woods and wait for few minutes and then wipe with clean Kitchen Towel. You can use different spray like tide or spray n wash or other powerful stain remover for getting a sparkling effect in minute.
  • Use cotton ball and soak it in alcohol and apply this to remove grease. Alcohol is very good lipid dissolving solution, so it will take few minutes to remove any greasy spot from  wooden cabinet. If you feel the smell annoying just use clean water to remove the smell and impression of alcohol.