How to use Feng Shui tips for Interior Decoration

Feng Shui tips for Interior Decoration – Feng Shui is an age old Chinese tradition to organize things to bring a harmony in them. According to its principle object in the house has to organize in such a way that it can gain positive energy from the water earth and stars. This also tells the way you can decorate the room to cut out the negative source and bring prosperity in your house. Using perfect furniture and positive color can direct positive flow of energy or chi in right direction.

Placing the proper furniture

According to Feng Shui tips you have to place the furniture in such a way so that it affects the flow of positive energy in whole house. Try to put the heavy furniture like sofas or bed or dresser etc few inches above the floor. This will allow you to get the room for cleaning and laying away the dust and also allowing the free positive energy current to flow in between them.  All the furniture like sofa table chair or day bed should always face the entry way direction, which is also called as command point and always you can see who ever is using it, you should never feel uncanny about thinking or guessing who is sitting in those places.


Placing the full length mirror

Full length mirror plays an important role in the interior decoration of a room in terms with Feng Shui. According to their principle, full length mirror should be placed in such a way to reflect back the negative energy from room. The strategic placement of full length mirror can deflect bad energy from house. A full length mirror outside bathroom can capture the bad energy and drain it out through bathroom. Try avoiding putting mirror just behind your front door; this will block positive energy to enter the room.

Placing yin and yang color

Color has very significant role in Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui tips there are two types of color or energy. Yin defines color of passiveness like black, white purple or green, while yang is aggressive color like yellow red, orange or gold. Different color has different meaning in Feng Shui tips. These are as follows

  • Blue represents love trust, calm and peace.
  • Black in this tradition signifies power, money and strength. Any metal with black in color can boost your academic or professional life.
  • White in combination with gold and silver comprise peace serenity, pure and confidence.
  • Purple for instigating spiritual feeling
  • Green is for reduction of everyday stress and tension
  • Pink for love, maternity and motherhood.
  • Red is the color of high energy and power and confidence in Feng Shui
  • Yellow is the color of conjugation and intimate relation