How to use Uranium-Earths one of the Most Powerful Elements

Uranium is one of the important resources for all the nuclear tools. The possession of nuclear power for any nation is only possible with it acquisition of uranium. The only way to get steady supply of uranium ore is by digging or mining the proper area with environmental assessment. Other than tracing just on nuclear issues uranium has large number of other benefit that is unmatched with any other natural resource.

Supply chain management is important term to understand the amount of natural resource we can use without exhausting all the naturally produce ore in earth. According to American journal natural resource and physics there has been estimate of supply chain calculation for naturally obtainable oil and coal has been published. If the rates of consumption remain same throughout the world, the amount of oil and coal will be no longer available more than 75-150 years in all. While the quest of uranium remain same or may increase the supply chain ratio will be in good shape for at least for 5 billions of year. There is plenty of uranium available in earth’s natural bed and under ocean for extracting. A place named Saskatchewan in Canada has one of the worlds most uranium rich mines in the universe. Canadian government is investing about 30-40 billion Canadian dollar for equipments and facilities for expectation of huge profit for next several years. This actually provided an example for other nation to invest and boast on uranium mining to earn huge profit as well generate huge amount of jobs in the market.

According geologist the uranium has huge potential to generate electricity. From the environmental assessment it has been found that 1 kilo of uranium can produce same amount of energy as 1million kilos of oil can produce or 2 million kilos of coal can produce. These will not only save the energy of digging such huge amount of coal or natural gas also save the environmental fossil and natural balance. Uranium has a large uses in lot of different non nuclear industries. The chemically purified and produced uranium isotopes has great role in medical industries like treatment of cancer patients and also used as powerful sterilizer for special medical tools and equipments. By different chemical industries uranium isotopes are used as standard measurement of environmental assessment like smoke detection and testing tools of various industries. Edible form of Uranium can use as preserving agent of fragile crop for transportation in amicable way.