How to Use Washing Machine Thriftily

Washing machine is one of the most important commodities in every house hold. Most of the time we use our machine once per week, but sometimes you have to run it twice or thrice if you have kids or you have any family get together. Adapting few common rules can save your money and effort easily. Other than using washing machine in proper way, try to choose good laundry detergent that can clean your cloth easily not just wash away with just a round of water cycle. By using some common tools you can definitely conserve the amount of water your machine is using and also the other bills you are paying for such usage. By keeping this mind we can keep our clothes clean and budget slim.

Don’t try to wash few cloths in machine, wait for few days to gather at least to fill the complete machine. If you just using your machine just for few clothes, you are essentially using all the resource but still washing less number of cloth. You can hand wash few things which are small and you need them every other day in sink.

If you don’t have much delicate cloth, don’t use perm press. This cycle takes most water as it rinse the cloth with more water. Choosing different cycle can save your electric bill as well as water.

Try to adjust the washer in low level of water. This usually designated as low in most of the washer. Put all the clothes in to the machine and wait for few minutes to make sure that water is been filled. Try to keep your load in such a way that it fully get wet in water and can move freely in the machine when the cycle is running. Now add the detergent to start the cycle. If you see that water is not quite enough to soak your cloth, then turn the water level little higher which is medium, then see whether it is enough for the clothes you put in the washer.