How to Virtually Enhance your Bedroom Size?

Choosing a best color for your bedroom is not always challenging unless you have other issue to consider. If your bedroom size is small and you want to color it then it became serious problem for the perfect paint you want to paint on the wall of it. There are different factors you have to consider before go for any color. Color of the furniture, amount of light, exposure to sun or lighting fixture or the purpose you will be using this room for either guest bedroom or kid’s bedroom are the important factor before choosing any color for your small bedroom. Sometimes painting a non suitable color can make room look like a store or garage and it will look smaller and dark. While choosing perfect color can turn it into cozy and warm bedroom forever.

Choosing the light color for small bedroom is always a good idea. Light color can change the effect of room by making it look bigger than darker color. Try using white beige or light lemon makes your bedroom size virtually bigger. If you are absolutely against light color, try choosing your own favorite color and try finding three times lighter shade than that. Applying lighter color with bright light is good way to make your room warm and inviting.

If you are planning to build your own house never try to make bedroom size small in down floor or in basement or in northern side. As all of these positions will not receive any natural sunlight and it will automatically look damp and shabby. Rather try to make bedroom in southern side, where it will get plenty of sunlight and air and it has great effect on changing the look of the bed room. If it is prebuilt house, so you can’t get enough light, then try adding light fixture on the ceilings , this will not only brighten your small bedroom but also save the space of keeping floor or table lamp.

Try using curtain and bed sheet with vivacity not a chunk or big painting. Try using self color light shade floral curtain to enhance the size effect. Never try using stripy curtain or bed sheet that will try to boost the geometry of the bedroom and it will look much smaller. Try keeping day bed rather than full bedroom set that will allow the bedroom size looking more spacious. Keep the furniture color in light tone and avoid solid wooden or leather furniture rather than try using wrought iron furniture.