What should be the Ideal Wedding Color in Feng Shui Tradition

Wedding is one of the pious occasions in everyone’s life. A blissful wedding life is desire of every couple. The decision of color especially for bride dresses is extremely important according to Feng Shui tradition. Wedding planning involves the involvement of lot of color, choosing the right color according to Feng Shui can give a happy married life in future.  First thing that comes in wedding is the color of bride dresses.  Depending on these the color of every other decoration should be organized.  Wedding gown has direct effect on the color of dress that bride’s maid, grooms men or flower girl will wear. Also color plays important role in the invitation card and the decoration of the wedding venue. By applying Feng Shui charms you can choose right color, which will bring you perfect harmony in full wedding episode for your whole life.

Combining passive (yin) and aggressive color (yang) color

By combing the yin and yang color in perfect combination can bring best harmony in marriage life. By using the color red with light shade of pink or dark green with light shade of green or purple and lavender or any other color with their light shade can pair up in best way and should be the perfect choice of wedding gown according to Feng Shui charms.

Choosing black and white

The most chosen wedding color for any wedding are black and white, has significant role in Feng Shui. Choosing black color for women and white color for men is the perfect choice for bringing happy married life after wedding.  By choosing the same color for bride dresses and groom can bring dissatisfied or incongruent married life.

Choosing right color during Christmas wedding

Color like red and green are color of joy and happiness and also symbolize Christmas. A weeding around Christmas can bring lot of happiness and luck and prosperity. If bride groom wore a gown color either green or red in pair, is considered as the luckiest color choice in Feng Shui charms.

Choosing Metallic Colors for wedding dress

Metallic color like gold, silver and gray can bring stability power and fruitful married life with children in future. Wearing silver with gold in pair or purple with white in pair for bride groom can bring the prosperity.

Not so favorable color

In Feng Shui charms few colors cannot go together at least in term of wedding dress for bride groom. Those colors are red with combination with blue or black with any metallic color are not so good combinations to bring happiness. Combing wedding gown with green or yellow with any metallic color can cause disturbing married life.