Ideas For A Tweens Birthday Party

Any girls that are between the ages of 12 and 13 are at a difficult age because they no longer feel like a kid but they are far from being an adult. This age is generally termed as the tweens because of this fact. When a girl is this age they want to be able to feel loved and special but, at the same time, they want to feel like a young adult. It is also important to tweens what their peers think of them. In knowing this when you are searching for ideas for a tweens birthday party you need to find activities that may appeal to teenagers and young women but, at the same time, be carefully supervised by you.

There are many tweens that want to be able to do the same activities that they see many young adults doing in their particular town.  In knowing this, try taking your tween to a fancy restaurant with some of their friends for their birthday.  Another great idea would be purchase a ticket to a concert that the birthday girl and her friends have really wanted to see. Even such things as having a manicure party will be a truly hit with your tween.

Another option for a tweens birthday party would be a mixed gender party.  This is a delicate subject and one that will require a lot of supervision but at the same time will allow your child some independence.  Such things as a dance party or even a costume party will surely be a great hit. However, remember that girls that are entering their tweens are obsessed with sexual exploration so be sure that you set the boundaries with your child before the party. One of the main goals of this party is for you to be aware and present but at the same time invisible.

A final tween birthday party idea would be to plan a surprise party. Take the time to talk to a few of your daughters close friends and help them to plan the surprise party. However, remember to stay invisible during the initial party. Remember your tweens birthday is a time for them to assert their independence so allow them some room to grow.