Importance of Men’s Health

In the race for progress and development, most of us have ignored one major issue of life and that is the maintenance of men’s health and fitness. Data show that the mortality rate in men is greater than in women and the life expectancy in men has decreased due to various health problems, which easily affect men at different age. This has led to an imbalanced ratio, which puts forward the fact that in the population count there is only one man amongst ten women. The present situation has developed due to men’s own negligence, as they are so engrossed in the race of life that they do not get the time to take care of their own health.


Most of the time you will find men confessing that in their youth or middle age they had ignored the warning signals sent by the body, about some major complication developing in the body, which may turn out to be fatal at a later age. Therefore, it is high time that every man should become health conscious and adopt a lifestyle that will help them to take care of their health and maintain fitness throughout life. Men’s health and fitness problems relate mainly to the lifestyle that men all over the world adopt during their adolescents and young age, which leads to major problems like obesity, prostrate cancer, and sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. To overcome the problem regarding men’s health and fitness, inculcation of health awareness should begin in a male child from his early childhood.


Causes of Hair loss

We often find that most of the men suffer from these two common problems but they do not take any medical help as most of the time men feel that hair loss while aging is a natural factor in men and a sign that he is moving towards old age. However, men should realize the fact that hair loss is not a sign of aging but develops due to some problem on the scalp. Of course, in few cases hair loss may occur due to genetic factors for which preventive measures will help if men take proper care of their hair in their younger days and maintain the habit throughout life.


Erectile Dysfunction a Major Problem


It is true that most men develop many bad habits in their younger days, which weakens their body and makes it vulnerable to attacks by different kinds of fatal diseases like hypertension, diabetes, prostrate cancer, and AIDS which also affects their sexual life as these ailments can easily cause erectile dysfunction. Moreover, men have the inborn trait of taking risk in life, which leads to their doing everything in excess that is smoking, drinking, and even trying out recreational drugs to get momentary pleasure especially in their sexual life. However, they do not realize that this momentary pleasure has many side effects and in the end may affect their natural sexual performance by causing erectile dysfunction.