Important Summer Camp Safety Measures for Parents

1. The accrediting of the Camp Association of America is a safe place to start with though it is true that many of the states have stricter safety rules for camping. ACA is reliable as it supports more than two thousand two hundred camps and evaluates the standard of camp operations, health programs, and safety.


2. Evaluation of the counselor orientation or staff-training program is essential and evaluation is possible with the help of training materials and training curriculum. Another method of gathering the required information is to inquire about the specifications like, whether the camp shares both the safety specifications that is general and activity safety requirements. Whether the program maintains documents related to training attendance and if the counselors have to pass a test before allocation of the responsibility. Facts related to the documents signed by the counselors giving the acceptance that they are aware of the safety rules and will abide by it during the camps. You can ask all these questions to the directors of the camp.


3. You should verify all the personal details about the counselor, as he is the person who is going to spend the entire time with your child in the camp. Thoroughly examine all the papers related to the counselor’s biographical background so that you can ensure that he has no criminal records or does not have the charges of rustication from some other assignment. You will also be able to know about the counselor’s profession that whether he is a teacher or a parent and whether he possesses the certificate of CPR and first aid or not.


4. Discipline of the staff and children is essential in a camp, but some camps do not follow it. Here you should satisfy yourself by asking some basic questions like the tolerance policy adopted for using drugs or for alcoholic abuse, whether there is any written policy about non-tolerance in such cases. Steps taken against the counselors if, charged with such cases. There are many other facts that need verification before you send your child to the summer camp.


5. If, there had been any kind of mishap in the previous camps what steps the camp directors had taken during the crisis.


6. Whether the camp maintains a protocol for trips organized out of the camp like the allocation of a team leader who has passed the specialized training of Red Cross Society and obtained the certificate. Communication devices that the counselors carry during the trip and the age of the counselor in charge as per the specifications of the minimum age limit of the counselor in charge. The other specifications are about the buddy system, parental permission and plans prepared if a camper is lost. This protocol is mandatory for trips outside the camp.


7. Emergency plans prepared by the camp authorities at the identification of any kind of major threat to the children, or staff or guests present in the camp. These treats may be environmental threats, off-site threats, health threats, or security threats.


8. A protocol that has written statement about the health policies for children in the camp that has a physician’s approval especially a pediatrician is mandatory for the camp.


9. Parents must have all the pre-requisite information during the registration, related to the health services and other programs and activities in the camp.

10. Parents must also provide all the information about the child’s health on the first day of the camp and if the child requires any kind of medication, it should have the approval of a licensed professional that is a qualified doctor.