Ins and Out of Different Auto Insurance

Ins and Out of Different Auto Insurance:-

Auto insurance plays a very important part in our life. It is absolutely essential to know every pros and cons of the each type of insurance you are getting. There are different forms of auto insurance and their remittance policies vary from one another. There are different types of insurance exists and the premium varies from one state to another. Some geographical region needed to add you more coverage for certain thing. Depending on the coverage like damage of car, injury of passenger or driver, the insurance are different in one aspect or other.


Liability for damage property

Under this insurance you are covered by any kind of damage to your car parts, fences, door window glasses. You can opt for minimum payment liability coverage but it is wise to take above minimum amount as most the time it exceeds the minimum cost in accidents. In such case you have to spend out of pocket to repair. Some of the state has obligation for certain amount liability for property damage.


Personal or injure bodily

Under this insurance you are covered by all kind of medical cost, your personal injury, loss of salary and other cost like pain, suffering, trauma or funeral. This also can provide you the lawyer fees, if you want to take legal action against any accident happened. It is important to keep this insurance high as these will help you to recover all the expense if needed.


Insurance for collision

This insurance usually covers the damage that occur in your car by colliding with other vehicle and if you are in fault for all this accident. Individual who is still paying the loan of the car are definitely need to take this type of insurances. Person has to pay the amount deductible ahead before the other party claim out any amount. You don’t have to worry for this type of insurance if your car is not new at least five years old.


Total coverage

Other than collision there are other type damage can often happen to you car. For this you can get a comprehensive insurance which can cover your car against any kind physical damage happened due to fire, flood, wind, tornado, hail vandalism or accident happened by the animals. Sometimes you have to pay high premium to cover under those criteria.


Insurance for uninsured driver

Although it is obligatory to take auto insurance in most state, but some driver just ignore those policy and drive car or vehicle without any insurance. In such case in case of accident your insurance will cover you to pay the cost of repair for your damaged car and any personal injury.


Personal medical protection

In this type of insurance you and your fellow passenger are covered under any type of accidents that caused you physical injury. In this expense you are covered by amount you lost as wage due to accident, rehabilitation cost, medical expenses, cost of funeral even child care benefits. This insurance is not all mandatory and you can avoid if you have other kind good medical and life insurance.