Installing a Wireless Router-Your Next Step in the World of World

Installing a Wireless Router-Your Next Step in the World of World – Today we live in a wireless world, wires just look very messy and therefore you might want to shift to a better- looking, clean and easy to use technology, namely wireless (or as it is now-a-days called, wi-fi). The latest wireless technology provides you with a very wide range, meaning that you will be able to use internet from anywhere in your house (we are talking about average sized houses, not the Buckingham Palace). Now, you all might be under the impression that installing any new technology is a drag and you might not even be up for the task, you may assume that you would have to call in some technician or have the tech-savvy neighbor’s boy to come and take a look. Fortunately for you, it is far easier than you think. Let me walk you through it in a step by step manner, read carefully.

Firstly, when you go out to the shop to buy a wireless router be sure to check the range and if it suits the dimensions of your house, if you have a large house, give preference to the ultra-range router or a dual band router. Another factor to be considered is the speed of the router, try to take the router with the highest speed available (if you perchance buy a router with a speed lesser than your internet speed then your speed is wasted and so is your money, and the rate of transfer is always increasing with newer advancements in technology, so it is wise to take the router with the highest speed). Now, after you have attained a router to satisfy your needs, the next step would be choosing some place which is more or less at the centre of the house, a point which is roughly at an equal distance from every point from where you will be accessing your wireless internet (think of it as a circle, the centre of the circle being the router and the place from where you use internet being within the outer boundary of the circle).

Now we come to the part of installing a wireless router, disconnect your DSL or cable modem from the power supply. Remove the cable (the large round cable which looks like a telephone wire but with bigger connectors) from the computer, make sure you do not remove it from the modem end, just disconnect it from the back of your computer. Now, take this loose end of the wire and connect it to the back of the router, the port is usually a different color from all the other input ports and it is marked clearly. Next, take the Ethernet cable which came with the router (this is a small cable which looks like the DSL or cable modem) and connect it into the network port on your computer (from where you just removed the DSL cable) and take the other end and insert it into one of the network ports on your router (there are usually four network ports of the same color, it also looks like the network port on your computer).

Now that you have connected everything, reconnect the modems power supply and also provide power to the router. Observe that the there are a few lights in the front of your router, there is one each for power, internet, wireless, security and also in the network port to which you have connected. If any of the lights are missing please check the connections again. It is advisable that you protect the modem and router with a USP or any other surge protector, which usually comes cheap. Lastly, install the software which is provided with the box when you purchase the router, it is usually in a CD or a DVD and then enjoy your new world of wireless.