Invest Ten Minutes to Keep your Car Rubber Mat New

We use car most of the time in rush hour and so it is really hard to take care of its cleaning every now and then. But taking small time every alternate week can save different parts of your car and keep it new forever.  Car comprise of lot of different accessories which we often ignore to take care and one of them is car rubber mat that you put in your car floor. Rubber mat usually tolerate lot of physical pressure and spillage all the time. It is very important to keep this mat clean. Not because it deposit lot of dust from shoes, but also because we sometimes like to relax in the car in bare foot during long drive. By taking few minutes from your regular busy schedule, you can easily clean your rubber mat and keep it clean and dust free. If we ignore this for long time, it will reach in a condition that we just have to trash it and need to get new one for use. To save few bucks every few months try to invest your 10 minutes and easily get rid of dust from the mat.

For cleaning your car rubber mat you need a water source with hose, a rubber or vinyl protector and a towel preferably microfiber quality.

Steps you should follow

Try to pull the rubber mat from the car and put it in a nice clean place.

Now try to wash that mat with water using hose. Try to run your water in very high speed so that it can easily take out those mud and dirt those are clinging in the mat.

Now take this mat in your hand and try to drain all the water from car rubber mat just by shaking or putting it in a hanger.

When the water is almost removed use the vinyl or rubber protectant spray and spray it from top to bottom so that it can cover all the surface area of the mat. You can pick different type of protectant like glossy, neutral, less glossy etc. from the market.

Now wipe off the mat with towel to get a perfect finish. Then again look the mat carefully, to recheck whether you have not sprayed any part of the mat. Now you are almost done. Give it few more minutes to dry completely and then the car rubber mat is ready to use.