Keep away Static from your Favorite Satin Wear

Satin are very attractive fabric use to make all kind of shirts, dresses or skirts for party use and different purposes. Satin usually very glossy and always are shiny in appearance. It is usually made from various type of material like silk, polyester, cotton, rayon etc. All though it looks good there is one side effect of using satin. It usually develops static electricity or static in dry environment. This charge is usually positive cause due to friction and often you can feel it or you can transmit it other very easily. It is most difficult when your kids get the static in her /his cloth when sliding down the slide in play area. Sometime they start crying after feeling charge. There are several methods you can apply to get rid of this static from satin cloth. But always read the tag for particular cloth before applying any kind any external treatment to your cloth.

Try to have dryer sheet, dryer balls, washcloth, aluminum foil, any piece of metal and lotion handy before going to actual steps of removing static from cloth.

Steps you should follow are

  • When you are drying your clothes in dryer, try to add dryer sheet or 2-3 dryer balls in the machine to remove the static from satin clothes. These are available in any supermarkets where you buy laundry supplies. This thing also rotate in the dryer between clothes and keep away the friction and rubbing of clothes with each other. You can also try to put a foot or 2 foot long aluminum foil in form of a ball. This will also help to take away static from clothes.
  • If this things are not available handy, try other methods like set temperature to lower settings and try to add a piece of wet towel just 10-15 minutes before completing the dryer cycle, this will bring moisture to your clothes and remove the static from satin.
  • You can also try to avoid static easily just by drying your clothes in sun and air rather than using dryer.
  • Another problem with satin cloth is that they stick to your body due to static and make you feel awkward in public. When you are wearing a satin cloth just try to put a metal cloth and try to move it in between your skin and satin. This will also resolve this problem of clinging clothes to your body.
  • Also you can put lotion just after bath when you are still little bit wet and wait for few minutes before wearing the cloth this will help you to keep away the static for long time.