Keep Away the Foot Odor caused due to Socks?

Most of us commonly face the problem of foot odor caused due to socks every day. Bad odors in socks are so terrible, that you cannot loosen your shoes in public place for relaxing. These usually cause by the combined effect of bacteria and fungi and also when they use sweat from our body to grow in the socks’ fabric.  They always get enough time when you are wearing the shoes until you are taking it off. Sometimes often washing the socks does not solve or neutralize the odor of the socks. We often throw the socks if it is really bad and you can’t get with it. But using some common home ingredients you can clean your socks and get rid of notorious smell of sweaty socks.

Foot odor can be avoided by cleaning your socks at home you need a bucket, warm water, white vinegar and detergent.

  • Try to fill the bucket with at least 1litre of water and add 2 small cup of vinegar in it.
  • Now soak your socks for at least half an hour in this solution.
  • Now wash it with other clothes if you have to wash in the washing machine. If you don’t have enough to go for full load in the laundry, try washing it in sink by hand wash with little detergent. Now rinse well and sun-dry it.
  • If you are using dryer try to use some dryer sheet with good fragrant. Otherwise you dry the socks in sun completely before wearing it again. Incomplete drying can keep that musty smell intact.
  • Whenever you are wearing a socks try adding foot powder or cologne in your feet before putting them on. If you cannot able to do any washing after taking off your socks, try to put the socks in open air outside, so that it doesn’t get the smell permanently and make it more terrible so that you don’t want to touch it later.
  • Never use bleach in you white socks in combination with vinegar; this can cause bad chemical reaction and fumes. If you want to use bleach then don’t use vinegar. Either one of them is good to keep the foot odor away.