Kids Tablet-Attraction or Distraction

Today our life is totally dependent on technology. Kids are not back in welcoming these technological boxes like, laptop, tablet or video gaming device. Recent study has shown that 50 percent of US parents think that Tablet offer a great potential advantage in learning for kids, while 20 percent of parent thinks it is the cause of distraction for them. If you are thinking of giving a tablet to your kids in her/his next birthday, first consider all the pros and cons of using this. It is always good idea to have proper balance of education and learning at the same time.

Kids’ tablet

Kids easily adapt using tablet quickly.  Professors from New Hampshire said that these things cannot be substitute for crayons or markers, but they definitely attract kids as they help them to learn new things in totally interactive ways. Using color pencil and crayons help them to learn and coordinate their motor neurons. Obviously tablet can help them to stretch out their imagination any extent they want.

Differences in applications

A complete featured tablet provides hands on experience for the kids from different toy manufacturer. The children’ devices uses  4- to 5-inch displays that is not similar to the quality of regular iPad, and need more hard push with a stylus pen rather than delicate touch with fingertip. It is designed in such a way that it is connected feedback software that avoids getting missing, and mostly uses cartoon to learn the set up and menus. They are also accompanied with sound spell and read which help them to learn letter and word and help to spell them correctly. The battery life of those tablets like fisher price-ixl on 4 AA batteries is almost 12-13 hours; definitely these depend on different model and application.

Balancing learning and entertainment

As soon as you set up a your child tablet by linking it to a laptop or the company’s website to set up application or customize for your kid, they can easily able to download  books, music, rhymes, painting fun, all kind of games or  even songs video clips, with regards to the company and style you bought. This will help them to learn math, science geography in fun way. This will help them engage for hours for both fun and learning. There is a report from California school students who are using kids tablet in middle school scored 30 percent more rather than who just use manual form to learn it. The same true in case language and arts the score increase 11 percent when student using tablet.

Close watch

It is extremely important to keep a close watch on kids when they are using tablet. Sometimes they can browse inappropriate content which is not good for their age and maturity to deal with. Other than these watching for long time make them obese and they lose their attraction to play and forego their physical activity most of the time. It is highly recommended that kids should have at least more than hour of physical activity each day. A responsible use of kids tablet can prove extremely helpful in most cases.