Link Exchange – Explained!

Link exchange means the program where you exchange link with the webmasters who are involved in selling the same product or service online that you are selling, which in one word means your competitors. Link exchange helps you to get the targeted traffic and acts as a SEO booster. The common method of link exchange refers to the method where you put your site link in another webmaster’s site and in exchange, he puts a link from his website in your site, at this point we can say the process of link exchange has taken place.  However, it is essential that you should know the proper method of exchanging links if you want to get higher search engine ranking and more traffic towards your site.

The steps that you have to follow to develop link exchange is quite simple as you have to first search for the webmasters who deal in the same products or services that you have on your website. Finding out your competitors is very easy, as you have to put the keywords of your website in the search engine bar and immediately you will get a whole lot of sites that sell the same services or products that you are selling on your site. It is not necessary that you have to exchange links with all the webmasters, on the contrary you can study the sites carefully and choose ten or twenty sites with whom you want to exchange links.

Contact the chosen webmasters using polite language and requesting them to join in the link exchange program. The simple method of developing link exchange is to send an email to the chosen webmaster where you mention all the details about your site and tell him that how the link exchange program will benefit both of you in drawing maximum traffic towards your sites. Moreover, you should not forget to include the details of your html that will act as the details for the link back. Here you have to choose the anchor text or the title, which is your primary keyword as the search engine spider decides the theme of the site according to the title.