Making money on the web through freelancing

Freelancing is one of the most popular WAHM (Work at Home) opportunities today. Globalisation and the web is making the world one marketplace. With this opportunity, a professional can get great jobs and do them from the comfort of their home.


Getting started with the work-at-home opportunity and starting a freelance career is not hard. It is one of the easiest business opportunities you can start immediately. If you are skilled in writing, design, web design and programming, animation, presentation, video, and the likes you are a great candidate and could soon start earning money from the web.


You earn money by working on the web doing gigs and jobs that are posted on freelancing websites. It does not cost you any money to start on most of these sites. You simply register and you can start working with ease. You do not even need your own website for a start. Most people would request samples, these samples could be jobs you had done before or just your own practice stuffs.


How do you use a freelance site?

When you get to a freelance site, you need to register. You could register as a buyer or as a seller. Some sites use contractor or programmer. A buyer or contractor is the one posting the job to be done. A seller or programmer is the one who is interested in taking up the tasks.


The unique thing is that there are several programmers or sellers and so they make bids for these jobs. A bid is how much you would be willing to receive for that job. Several professionals would place the amount they will take to complete the project. It is left to you to charge whatever amount you like. The bids can be open – you see others bids or closed – you only know your bid.


The buyer reviews all the bids. Note that it is not the lowest bids that always win. There are several other things that buyers consider to determine who they will give the project to. Just like in the real world people look into several factors before they sign up a business to do special services for them.


If a project is given to you, you will need to pay a commission to the freelance site. This commission is either a cut (percentage) of the amount you bidded or a fixed amount. This is automatically deducted from what you are paid. This money is credited to your online account with the operators of the freelance board. You can withdraw money from them using wire transfer, Moneybookers, or Paypal. Some  also offers several other options. Note that withdrawing money may also attract charges.