Making your pool a neighborhood attraction-Landscaping around the Pool

Most of us do not have a house with a swimming pool along the lines of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, but for the rest who do, here’s what you can do to make it a neighborhood attraction (babe-magnet). Landscape around it! Who doesn’t like a little greenery lighting up their house, in this case, their pool. But to do that, you will need a few pointers to guide you in the right direction. Plainly put, planting any plant which catches your fancy at the nursery is inviting trouble. Let me explain the “why’s” and “how’s”.

Plants, trees, shrubs or any other member of the Flora (Kingdom) have a compulsive habit of dropping leaves or petals or pollen etc. on the ground and if planted near the pool, the pool would play the unwilling host to these unwanted guests. This would not only mar the beauty of the pool but also will disrupt the stolid, serene and pleasant atmosphere for which you probably installed the pool in the first place. Apart from this withering we also have to consider the ever expanding roots of some trees which tend to destroy anything that hinders their path, like the Mulberries and Cottonwoods.

Consider planting shrubs and trees which tend to have shorter leaves and flowers, this would cut short the chances of the wind blowing them into the pool, like the maiden grass, Liriope, Ophiopogon, and small shrubs such as ‘Harbour Dwarf’ Nandina. Also avoid plants which drop their leaves and flowers year-round, choose some which fall in a specified small time period. Refrain from choosing plants which attract bugs and insects (like the honey-bees or bumblebees), this would make your life miserable and if you use harmful sprays and insecticides or pesticides, there is a strong chance that they would fall in the pool and pollute it causing rashes or other irritations to your skin. Using plants which tend to have thorns or foliage of thistles is obviously not a good choice if you have children in your house or if some tend to visit your pool on a regular basis.

Lastly, observe that the perennials tend to wither more and hence it would be a help you if you considered placing them away from the pool, the same is not the case with annuals and consider planting container plants (flower pots), these are easier to tend to, do not require your constant attention, less prone to diseases, easier to prune and most importantly changeable, you can just move the pots around for new designs or change the plants altogether to get any desired look anytime you wish.