Method of measuring meter and rhyme in a poem

Method of Measuring Meter and Rhyme

Method of measuring meter and rhyme is an important aspect that every reader should know especially if they want to understand the metamorphic meaning of the poem and experience the same feeling that the poet felt while composing the poem. Moreover, having knowledge about this method helps you to get a better insight into the poem irrespective of the language used for writing the poem. Therefore, discussing in detail about the method of measuring meter and rhyme will provide the necessary guidelines that you require for thoroughly understanding the strategies that you have to use while you have to measure the meter and rhyme of the poem. In this situation, the best way of learning is to understand each method separately so that you can easily use the method practically and achieve the desired result. Therefore, let us begin with the method of measuring meter.

Guidelines for Measuring Meter and Meter Measurement   

In the light of this discussion, the guidelines for measuring meter should begin from the basic understanding that is gaining the initial idea of the signs used for meter measurement. In fact, the meter measurement depends on the stressed syllables along with the unstressed syllables. For marking the stressed syllables, you have to use the sign ‘/’ and for unstressed syllables use the X sign. However, it is important that the guidelines for measuring meter should first highlight the difference between stressed and unstressed syllables. You can identify stressed syllables based on sound, as stressed syllables have hard sound while the unstressed syllables only help in connecting the stressed syllables. However, measurement of meter requires the knowledge about metric unit, also known as foot. Thus, measuring meter also involves the study of calculating the metric unit.

Measurement of Meter

In fact, measurement of meter depends on the measurement of metric unit and the best way of measuring meter is to first measure the metric unit. For measuring the metric unit or foot, you have to first count the stressed and unstressed syllables in each line and note their pattern, which you can separate by using a sign. Marking the foot will help in understanding the pattern of the poem like in an iambic foot the common pattern is unstressed followed by stressed. In the same manner, there are other common foot patterns like anapestic, trochaic, and dactylic. Understanding the counting system of foot will help you in measuring meter and make the measurement of meter an easy task. However, the method of measuring rhyme differs from the pattern used for measurement of meter, as rhyme measurement depends on the last words of each line.

Rhyme measurement

Learning rhyme measurement is easier than understanding measurement of meter as the rhyme scheme or measuring rhyme depends on the rhyming words. Therefore, for rhyme measurement, you have to take into consideration the last word in each line of the poem and verify which words rhyme with each other. For example, if the last word of the first line is, shoot and the last word of the second line is hoot then it means that both words rhyme with each other. Therefore, while measuring rhyme the alphabets, a, b, c, and so on are used to mark the words of each line. For instance, if the last word, shoot in the first line is marked as ‘a’ and the second line has hoot as the last word then hoot will also be marked as ‘a’. However, if the last word of the second line does not rhyme with the last word of the first line then it will be marked as ‘b’ Overall, practicing will enhance the knowledge of measuring meter and rhyme in a poem.