Mobile Application Development

Java programs that are run from any of the browser’s are called as applets. By Mobile application Development, a tiny software program or application is developed that can be easily installed on any mobile device. Once installed on any mobile phone, a small icon of that software will appear in the applications menu of that mobile phone, like you generally see icons on your desktop computer.

Recently, and Microsoft in partnership have provided an Action Engine-powered standalone mobile application for mobile phones that allows for instant access to news, videos, and picture slideshows etc., all this can be done without launching a browser.

Fax2Mail Mobile Appllication is another example of a very popular utility program. It can be used to print and fax documents if you are away from your office or holidaying somewhere. This can be done from your BlackBerry® or any SmartPhone®.

Generally, all the mobile phones use JAVA language as their software platform which enables them to provide the customers with a variety of rich features. To write java codes for mobile phones, J2ME is used and these mobile applications are commonly called as “midlets”. Using J2ME is almost like writing applets, but the toolkit which is used is different.

Almost every other day lots and lots of mobile application are coming in the market. Some of them are free to use and some can be bought at a very nominal charges.

Considering its utility and effectiveness, many companies have entered in to the field of mobile application development to design mobile applets according to the specific needs of any organization. You can get an appropriate application developed that will meet your requirements of your target group.