Observe Natural Beauty with Travel Door County

Observe Natural Beauty with Travel Door County:

Vacation is the time when you search for places that not only adds spice to your life but also brings the novelty of enjoying the beauty of the surroundings besides providing you the relaxation and refreshment required after the hectic professional a personal life. Travel Door County takes you to Cape Cod, a place filled with natural beauty, entertainment, and adventure. This place is strategically located in Wisconsin and in the middle of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. Therefore, Travel Door County vacation for a month is not exaggerating your vacation time but actually spending some quality time in mid Western Cape Cod. In fact, novelists and poets have always described and praised this place.


Obviously, if you like to have all fun at one place then plan your vacation this summer for travel Door County, which covers almost 250 miles of coastal line that starts from sugar sand beaches to rocky limestone seashore. Other than its scenic beauty, you can easily plan adventure trips like cruising, charter fishing, visiting five state parks, tasting some very good food and wine, and finally shopping from boutiques. The most wonderful adventure you can have is kayaking in Door County. In fact, this place is famous for water activities, which for centuries is the source of income for the local people. Therefore, they have well developed fishing, shipbuilding and maritime museum.


Actually, Kayaking in Door County is a very popular water activity that state tourism has developed because of its distilled clean not very deep water. Therefore, for fun, and entertainment Travel Door County from Chicago, this is the easiest way to reach there. You can actually drive from Chicago, which is about 220 miles.  The geography of this place attracts lot of visitors for kayaking in Door County. You can plan your travel by visiting the breathtaking peninsula along the coastline through kayaking. The most visited and exciting places to travel Door County are Shipwrecks, thousand year old caves, Etched Petro glyphs of native Americans, time worn bluffs, birds, wild flowers and lighthouses. In fact, you can have both self and guided kayaking in Door County.


However, it is good to have guided tour if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the real mid west and have some relaxing time in the water. It is best to make reservation to save your time and money, especially if you have a family of more than four. Another exciting fact is, you can have the luxury of touch and get into the water while kayaking in Door County besides enjoying sightseeing while kayaking at your leisure. Moreover, this place also offers honeymoon package kayaking or wedding paddle. In reality, it is not necessary to know kayaking; you can actually learn the art as there is facility in Lake Michigan shoreline, ranging from first time kayaker to real mature paddler. Therefore, enjoy this summer with your family and friends in the cool lap of nature.