Optimize your Wall Paper by Giving a Personal Touch

Choosing beautiful wallpaper for your computer’s desktop is one step ahead to show your sense of aestheticism as well as keeping your work place look attractive. Usually all laptops or computer comes with preloaded wall paper. These are the most common wallpaper you can always see them everywhere. Just make your computer and give its signature of your personality you can upload picture that gives some message, or that contain any slogan or your favorite person photo or anything that is close to your heart. The most important issue for using this image is the size of the picture and its compatibility with screen size of your computer. By applying few right steps you can customize your own favorite picture as screen saver and give a new touch to your computer.

Try to choose the image you want to set as your new background. Look for screensaver on web with your specification. You can always use your personal photograph which you may have transferred from certain occasion. If you are looking on the internet, you can try to search for already existing screen saver that perfectly fit with the dimension of your own computer. If you don’t know the exact pixel/pixel measurement for your screen, just try to find it online by Google the model number of your computer and get the exact result.

Now follow these few steps to Optimize your Wall Paper 

First click the window sign on the left hand bottom corner of the computer for PC and go to control Panel or system preference for Mac computer.

Now go to the Appearance and personalization. And choose the option like change the desk top back ground, change the theme or can change the screen saver. For Mac you can choose the option like Fit to Screen, Stretch to Fill Screen, Fill Screen. You can choose the option like tile or center etc. Now choose the photo from your computer and upload it. Then look at the preview and if you feel it is not fitting perfectly make it either tile or in center. If you would like to show some person in the photo and you are finding it difficult as lot of other accessories are coming in the center try to crop the photo and try to fit that perfectly.

If you like to edit your photo, first copy the photo and paste it into power point. Then crop as desired. Then save it as tiff or jpeg file. Then try to upload it again and see the result. You can also use photo editing software like adobe photo shop or Iphoto from Mac to edit the image. You can also add customize your image with few word and slogan and then save it and upload image.

These are few steps to make the most beautiful and highly unique screen saver for your computer.