Playing Peek a Boo with Fruits and Vegetables

A full meal with complete list of most beneficial fruits and vegetables is the ideal plate for every kid. Unfortunately it is the toughest job in earth to make your kid eat all that colorful vegetables every time. Things that look attractive and unconventional are always a first choice for kids. For parents it is usually hard to make dish that are delicious, attractive and easy to prepare at the same time having all those nutrients value. As kids always like something which is full of sweet taste, chocolate taste or which is really buttery and salty.  But putting a little bit more effort and adding different type of accessories to kids’ meal can make a real difference in their eating habit. Another thing which is also important is to adapt a food habit healthy for all the members in the family, not just for your kids. Environment has huge effect on choosing food and eating habits.

Try the cartoon on the plate

A group of researcher from top university has shown that if you like to make your kids to eat all the fruits and vegetables, try adding fun character to your food. Name your food like sponge bob sandwich, Thomas carrot train, super Mario shake etc, that will definitely going to create sensation in your kids mind. Try to create image of sponge bob with lettuce, grapes and blue berries and see how they eat each and every part of it.

Let your child be real helper

Spend your quality time with your kid by taking them in grocery store or local farmer market. Let them explore all the colors and charm of vegetables. Let them decide which one he/she like to pick up. After coming home let them help you to arrange the plate or decorate the plate with peas or berries. Buy them a little chef apron and hat. This will develop more inclination towards food. Try to buy some seeds for different vegetables like tomatoes or peppers. Make them plant it in the backyard. Allow them to nourish the plant and let them taste the first ripen fruits and vegetables, this will make them proud and at the same time they will develop love for eating fruits and vegetables.

Play hide and seek with fruits and vegetables

Try to mask your fruits and vegetables in some kind of glittery cover in terms of taste. Make grilled cheese sandwhich with by giving some broccoli in between. Try to make soup with spinach by adding little bit of butter and sprinkle some mozzarella on top. Make quick desert by dipping strawberry in yoghurt and add some colorful sprinkler on top and froze it for 10 minutes. You can also give boiled vegetables with little bit cheese dip on the side.