Preserve your Heritage through your Kids

In this era of globalization it is real hard to maintain and preserve your heritage among the young generation. We all know that we should respect our roots, if any time we forget our roots there will be no existent of ours at certain period. Respecting your culture and ancestral heritage not only help you to preserving your own values but also help you to become successful in life. Parents are the pioneer to make their children love and respect their elders or their ancestor. You can tell them everything in form of story. If you have some other ways to teach them show them their activities or achievements that will help them to remember. Knowing ancestor and their great deeds can bring an inspiration and motivation to your children.

Make your own family chronicles

Try to engage each of your family member especially young one to make your own family tree project. Try to dig out and collect all the important information related to birthday of your great grandfather, their birth place, important life events etc. Try to get their pictures from old album .Try to compile their significant contribution, event in a step by step fashion in your heritage book.  Also include any small happy or sad story, or story of their struggle or joy in small note in your family book. Try to upload these online and share with everyone in your family.

Cultural events

Cultural events are extremely important to maintain your heritage throughout the generation. If you are especially living in foreign land cultural events are the only occasion, you show your kids original tradition, attire, rituals and customs to your kids. Make your own special recipes that always go with that special festival. Like you can make apple cider and turkey roast in thanksgiving, like latkes or sufganiot for celebration of Hanukkah, or you can celebrate Japanese festival by making traditional Japanese food wagashi or unagi. It depends on what you are or your race is and which culture you want to preserve forever. You can always take a picture of celebration and save it for future updating your album.


If your parents or you have migrated from different country, then it is absolutely essential to keep record of all those date. It is important to make family note about your migration history.  Note down their way of migration and why they have migrated or how they have migrated. It is important to know the motivation or reason for migration to preserve your heritage.

Use technology to keep ancestor alive

Always keep in record of your parents and their history, try making video tape of their voice and learn their history in situ from their mouth. If you are in touch with maternal uncle or paternal uncle, also try to record those saying stories or fables that might exist in your family.