Psoriasis Causes and remedies??

People all over the world suffer from many kinds of skin problems but until date, medical science has not been able; to find out the causes of all the skin disorders. Psoriasis is one of the skin problems for which the doctors do not have any answer to eliminate psoriasis causes, as the reason for psoriasis causes is still undetected. There are many assumptions about psoriasis causes but one fact about psoriasis causes, established and accepted throughout medical practitioners all over the world is the fact that disorder of the immunity system is the base of psoriasis causes. However, the reason for the immunity system disorder remains undetected so doctors relate it to various factors that are either genetic or environmental.

Psoriasis causes inflammation on the skin that is not only itchy but also painful. Although psoriasis develops mostly in aged people but study also shows that psoriasis can develop in any person irrespective of age and gender. Scientists have drawn the conclusion that psoriasis causes relate to the erratic behavior of the white blood corpuscles, also called the t-cells that usually fight against the foreign substances that enter the body to protect the body from its harmful effects. However, psoriasis causes these same t-cells to fight the healthy skin cells as the disorder caused in the t-cells leads them to attack the healthy skin cells thinking the skin cells to be foreign substance. Therefore, psoriasis causes lead to accumulation of dead skin cells that give rise to the problem of itching and inflammation on the skin.

Normally, a healthy skin takes nearly thirty days to reach maturity and the natural process of shedding the dead skin and growth of the new skin along with all the process of repair system goes on in this cyclic order. However, psoriasis causes accelerates the repair process and reduces the cycle to four or six days as the t-cells kill the healthy cells of the skin. Due to psoriasis causes, the dead skin cells start accumulating on the surface of the skin that causes the flaky patches or the plaque on the outer layer of the skin. The inflammation and redness caused in the underlying layer of the skin is due to the increase in the blood supply for accelerating the growth of the new cells is also a part of psoriasis causes. However, medical practitioners have discovered the triggers that aggravate psoriasis.