Quick Handy Tips for Removing Rust Hole from Car Door

We always cherish and admire our car. Most of the time we try to keep our car well maintained. But sometimes ignore small issue until unless it became a issue of concern. The same is the case with rust hole. The rust in the hole although looks annoying but can be easily removed and we can also try our methods to prevent its formation. First important point is to wash your car on regular basis and just to keep it dry. It is always a good idea to scrape your car as well. A little bit of attention from beginning can easily prevent your car from getting rusted.

Before starting this project you need to keep few things handy for this exciting project of removing rust holes. They are bondo, evapo-rust, grinding wheel, metal sand paper, paint, paint sprayer, primer, sander and sand paper (120 grit variety), tape and tarp.

Procedure for Removing Rust Hole from Car Door

  • First we need to observe the rust hole and try to gaze its exact diameter. It you feel the diameter of the hole is greater 2 to 3 inches, and then the easiest method is to install a new panel.

  • Need to cover the expose part of the car with big polythene or cover with tape or tarp. This is because you don’t want to spill or damage any other single pint of the car’s body.

  • Use sanding wheel to grind round the rust hole in a circular pattern. This way you can remove that brown rust patches and metal which is already very fragile. Just remember do it with pause of few second every time you scraping and do it gently because giving lot of pressure at a time can damage your vehicle.

  • Now you need to clean the place with grinding wheel and make it smooth like the bare metal.

  • Use the evapo rust to fill the rust hole and leave it for few seconds. It will easily eat away the rust and then clean that place with a cloth.

  • Now it’s time to feed the hole with bondo filler. If you feel the hole is quite big use a support like mesh wire below it so that bondo does not come out of the hole. Let it dry for few w minutes.

  • Clean the surrounding part with cloth while it’s drying.

  • It’s now time to giving finishing touch. Apply primer and then spray paint the repaired area with the color that matches with your color of the car.

These are quick few home remedy to get rid of that entire dust hole in your cherished car.