How to Simply Repair the Broken Venetian Blind?

First thing we do in the morning is to open the window blind or door blind. Mostly in the morning we are in rush to finish our mundane stuff smoothly but in hurry. Any type of hitch in these activities can cause severe annoyance and we lose your precious time. If in any fine morning you find your venetian blind is not working, we actually pull it so hard in wrong way it actually damage the blind very badly. We cannot go without repairing blind for next few days. But repairing blind by you is not that much tough job you can manage with it with some effort. If you are covered still under warranty try to seek help from professional or return them.

Thing we need for repairing blind are replacement lift cords and ladder string or ladder tape, replacement slats, a large table or working space, good scissor and utility knife. First pull the venetian blind and try to adjust the unruly slat to keep open posture by the help of cord. Now remove the blind from bracket or clip for repairing blind. Now try to put it the venetian blind on large space in flat. Now detached the cap at the end and also the rail at the bottom to open the knot or attached clip that has been attached with lift cord and then the cord to fix it. If you planning the replace the ladder as well then remove them for repairing blind otherwise just detached the cap of the lift cord. Now lift the cord by pulling it through the already present slat and remove any unwanted slat and replace with new slat. When you are done in filling the right slat in the venetian blind attached back the cap on the pull cord properly. If you are trying to replace the lift cord or ladder then pull it from head of the box of the blind. To replace the damage ladder take it out from tilted tube in box head and slide it smoothly on the one side of the slat. Put the new ladder on the table and introduce the existing slat gently in to the new ladder. Do the same thing for bottom rail. Now hang it gently and use it smoothly from next day.