What are the Steps to Repair the Crack on the Textured Paint Wall?

What are the Steps to Repair the Crack on the Textured Paint Wall? – A finely painted plastered wall with textured paint can often develop crack in the wall even with few years of paint. It is always good idea to take care when it is extremely small, as they will increase in size if we keep it unattended. A normal plastering of house for textured paint usually consist a mixture of sand, lime and concrete which is evenly mixed with water. After finishing the wall paint and plaster most of the time looks pretty seamless on superficial look but they are actually very much vulnerable to sudden crack or damage. If you ignore these the textured wall will soon turn bad within few days. Repairing the crack in the wall paint is not a hard job and can be finished within an hour with proper supply from local home improvement store.

Things you should get are self adhering wall board tape made up of fiberglass, wall board compound or spackle, putty knives, good sand paper, textured paint, primer paint, heavy duty card board, roller brush, brush for painting, sponge, whisk broom and trowel. First remove any loose plaster or textured paint around the crack with putty knives. Now put a slice of self adhering wall board tape made up of fiberglass across the whole crack to prevent it from expanding any further. Now apply the light layer of wall board compound or spackle with the help of putty knives. Try to push the spackle with fiberglass tape very compactly in circular motion or in a swiping manner. Make sure that you have definitely covered the entire tape with spackle with putty knives. Allow these mixtures to dry completely before going ahead with anything else. Now use sand paper to make the area very smooth. Now it’s time to apply paint. First start with primer paint and then allow it to dry. Apply the textured paint to cover up with the surrounding surface. The color always depend on the stroke you are applying the paint not only upon the shade. So first try to give a coat on the card board with the help of roller and paint brush and use trowel or whisk broom to remove the extra particles. If you find the texture is matching with the surrounding wall use the same type of application on the renovated space.