Save Money by Painting Your Own Car

When you buy a car other than looking different aspect of it, we also like to find the best color. Color plays an important role to choose your car. Color of a car also reflects a person’s personality. Although color of the car doesn’t affect the mechanical advantage of the car, but it definitely affect the mood and personality. But color of the car usually fades away very soon. It is also expensive to get the paint done in paint garage. It is actually not very difficult to get immaculate finish car painting by adding proper amount of the enamel, color and reducer to get the perfect professional finish at your home. So just paint your  car in your favorite color and enjoy the colorful ride.

Things you need to start this project are enamel paint, reducer, and hardener, funnel gun for spraying, container to mix, gloves and mask and if you want a clear touch you can use clear coat and primer. Try to collect these materials from any auto supply store or any online auto paint shop.

Procedure for Painting Your Own Car

  • Try to have a rough estimate how much paint and other stuff you need to paint your car. If you feel it is hard to determine take online support, ask your friends or auto paint seller. But it is always good to have more paint rather going out of paint when you are using it.
  • Usually there is fix calculation of mixing different ingredients like reducer, enamel, hardener etc. Like for 8 ounce of auto paint add 2 ounce of acrylic reducer and 1ouce of hardener. So the ratio of paint: reducer: hardener = 8:2:1. But it is always good idea to read the label before start doing paint, as some of the paint companies have different criteria and different ratio for mixing, to achieve the finish you like. There are different varieties of paint available in the market from manufacturer like DuPoint, Valspar, Duplicolor, PPG etc. You can check the price in different store also the most perfect color that matches with your car.
  • Now it is time to mix all the ingredients in a bucket and mix them uniformly with paint stirrer spoon. Now use your spray gun to paint the car uniformly. Always use gloves and mask to avoid any allergies and reaction. Now your car is all ready to run. Remember if you want to try clear coat the instructions are little bit different and follow the labels to get the best result.