How to Save Money by Storing Vegetables for Long?

Vegetable diet is always recommended for any kind of food habit. Eating fresh vegetables is always good for health and it also taste when it is really fresh. But it is actually hard to follow the rules of eating lot of vegetable in your whole day daily dishes. This is not because you don’t like vegetables but it is due to the problem of storing vegetables.  Keeping the vegetable without any bit of damage and wear and tear or a single black line in the refrigerator for few days is really toughest job. The most common problem in storing vegetables is the humidity. It is really hard to keep them without water and even dehydrating can also cause damage like shrinking of vegetables. Lot of us is not lucky or not wishes to grow their own vegetables in the field and use them whenever you need. But following few common tips on storing vegetables can save our frequent tour to grocery every week and also keep your vegetables without worrying about it.


First and most important step is to keep your vegetables in proper humidity. Always keep your vegetable dry and cool. Too much humid temperature in refrigerator can rot them easily. To keep them dehydrating condition, don’t wash your vegetables before keeping them in refrigerator. You can also use crisper to keep the refrigerator in proper humidity and also retain the moisture in the vegetables without completely dehydrating them. Using crisper can easily help to storing vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, beans and peppers for few weeks easily.

You can also use your root cellar to keep your vegetables fresh, Try keeping onion, potato, artichokes, or cabbage in the root cellar. These vegetables don’t need much humid condition and keeping them in cool dry place can keep them for few weeks. If you don’t have enough space n root cellar or if you don’t have root cellar you easily store the these vegetables in peat moss. Keeping them in box with peat moss can help them to preserve proper humidity and at the same time not dehydrating them.

You can use your recipe to storing vegetables. Some vegetables can be easily stored by making pickle or by storing those in can by salt solution. You can keep few vegetables like tomato cucumber, bean and carrot for long time by preserving them in form of pickle. The other way to keep few vegetables for few months is by dehydrating them. You can easily roast garlic or chilies dry in pan and then crush them in powder. This will help them to lose the moisture and loosing humidity can keep them usable for long.