Screen your Facebook Visitor

Screen your Facebook Visitor – Today most of us spend at least 1 hour of our time everyday in face book, by browsing others’ update. The biggest problem of using face book is to create a fine line of difference between colleagues, family and friends. We always have different kind of interaction with all those different set of people. Mostly to avoid your co workers in your face book page try to create a fan page or business profile like liked in where you can discuss and tag your all workplace friends to secure your private life.  You can obviously choose different option and can select the way you want to post the information on your wall.

Choose your own group for sharing

Whenever you are planning to post anything in your face book wall, try to think in which way it is relevant. If it is a family vacation in beach you just not want it to be public with your office colleagues. If you like to put or spread some message  across you just put it without any bar. If it is about your coworker or job related issue you can screen out your friend and relatives. So whenever posting something on the wall try to find the inline mark or arrow just located below the box where you are posting the update. By this you can select your target audiences like, Public, Coworker, and Friends and convey your message to them or you can put a custom message also. Always recheck before posting because usually face book set up allow you to set a default version, where it just repeat the earlier procedure. If you are choosing for custom option, there are even more options to choose by the name of the person from dropdown box and you can just include their name while excluding other from same group.

Controlling the audiences

You always make your list of contact where they can specifically able to see what you are posting. You can create a business person’s contact details and just screen them from personal page.  When you look for any people in face book page, the face book application can organize the family, acquaintances, restricted etc. People who are in restricted list can only see any photo or message if you are specifically allowing them for that particular category. You can also opt for not showing your contact to other person. You can hide out your personal contact, friend or co workers from your list. Only person who are friends with you can see your list which you want to show them.

Make it private

Even for more restriction try to use the setting like privacy from the dropdown or menu box situated on the top right corner of your main profile face book page. Here you can customize your privacy and screen out or limit the contact even from past for viewing all your photo and post. You can have various options, take time to include or exclude anybody you want from your list.