Smile with Pearl White Teeth

Smile with Pearl White Teeth:- A yellowish tooth is very bad social stigma most of us suffer if we don’t take enough care. Other than looking bad stained teeth are not good for health. Regular use of tobacco, caffeine product and other drug or food material can turn your teeth brown day by day. If start taking care for this early you don’t have to worry about much harder process later. But if you have ignored it for long time, then you definitely need some professional help to get rid of this stain in your teeth. Few common practices can save both your teeth and health easily.

  • First thing and most important thing are maintaining good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Always try to wash your mouth every time you eat any kind of food especially, tea, coffee or any other sweet product. Also try to clean floss by any available floss product from the market.
  • Whitening tooth paste is a common solution we usually opt for cleaning our teeth. But please check the mark or tag by American dental association before buying it. Although most these tooth paste claim that they are made of ingredients which are good for teeth health but usually they comprise of abrasive chemical. Long term use of such tooth paste can make it highly fragile and sensitive to different temperature. This finally can cause the damage of whole enamel of tooth.
  • Try to keep an appointment with dentist and get a through teeth cleaning on every three month. This actually helps to remove tobacco mark or stain caused due to use of food particle. Some stain caused due to using some drug like tetracycline needed long term care before it get completely removed.
  • Dentist can offer for two types of teeth whitening method. One in which you don’t have to run to dentist office frequently. In this method they put a gel in you r mouth with guard, which have to keep for at least 2-3 week and put that on for at least any two hour in your schedule. The other option in which you have to go to dentist office where we spray some gel on your teeth and then activate this gel by using light flashing on them. This usually taken an hour to complete this whole procedure and it require few times visit to doctor’s office.
  • If your teeth are in real deplorable situation then you can opt for an expensive permanent solution by putting veneer. This actually is a permanent covering for teeth. This often requires some surgery of teeth to fit the cover well across all the surface area.