Sound Proof Basement With Sound Proof Wall Insulation

If you have remodeled a room in your basement or installed home entertainment in your basement, noise sometimes can cause serious trouble. A small walking, jumping or music can be awfully bad if it transmitted between the two floor one way or either. You can actually easily soundproof your each floor by taking few measures. The easiest way to sound proof wall insulation is to insulate the floor between each dry wall. You can take the help of professional maintenance guy from home depot or can you try this for yourself. By having few tools like rug, caulk and acoustic foam tiles handy, you can do this sound proof wall insulation by yourself and save your money and use it for other good cause.

  • First place a large thick rug on the floor in the upstairs. Tiles or wood usually create friction and echo back the sound when people walking in the first level. Also try to place carpet on wall to wall rather than keeping just bare wooden floor to create sound proof wall insulation. If you don’t want to install carpet just use thick rug on the area where you are always walking or heavy duty space.
  • Try to cover all the openings between each level. Sometimes crack been developed between the two floor, try to block this opening with caulk or insulating material to prevent the sound transmission.  Try to find out the crack in the ceiling of the basement as well. Now put those choking material which is easily available from any home depot or Lowes store.
  • If you really want to make it entertainment room, try using acoustic foam tiles to protect the sound and noise from entering or going out from this room. Acoustic foam tiles are easily available in any home renovating store.  Measure the square fit of the ceiling in your basement. First measure the length and then breadth and then multiply this two to get the exact square foot measurement. First remove the superficial adhesive support from ceiling and add foam block and tape it and then cover it by the help of ladder or tool.  Now your basement is ready and sound proof and ready to rock.