Quick guide to swimming pool maintenance?

Swimming pool maintenance is one of the most important tasks we have to perform to enjoy the luxury of soaking your body in cold clean water in summer. A clean blue or green swimming not only look beautiful but also has a lot effect on your health as well as the equipments you are going to use in the pool. Although it might look quite bit job to clean pool but actually you just need few right tools to perform the job of swimming pool maintenance. Especially if your pool is not in close to big trees and bushes then you don’t have to worry about the leaves, branches etc.

 You can easily get the equipments for swimming pool maintenance from Leslie’s pool supplies. They have right choice pool supplies starting from pool sanitizer like pool chlorine, algae control, pool shock, stain remover, pool chlorine alternative, water tester etc. You can also get automatic pool cleaner like pool vacuum from Leslie’s pool supplies in very reasonable price.

When you are using your pool actively you don’t need to cover it in a strong way. You can try to cover it for night if you are concern about leaves or you can also cover with solar cover which is about 40 dollar from Leslie’s pool supplies to maintain the right temperature you need when you are using it.  If you are using it regular basis you have to check the ph of the pool and regular cleaning with pool chlorine every alternate day is good idea for swimming pool maintenance. You can use different variety of pool chorine like chlorine tabs, mighty tab, chlor brite granular chlorine or tab and algae prevention bundle. You can get the various size of each variety according to your need from Leslie’s pool supplies online or in the shop directly. Sometimes you need to clean the manually with brush or the easiest way to pool vacuum to remove the dirt or scum even if you are equipped with automated swimming pool maintenance system. Try to be careful and more rigorous about the stairs, corners others nooks in the pool where it does not get enough circulation. Try to use pool chlorine in such area as well to make it no slippery and clean. Try to check the pool filtration system and also maintain proper ph of the pool. Regular cleaning and purify the water with good antibacterial or antifungal and algal sanitizer and using pool chlorine based pool shock can easily help you to  swimming pool maintenance