Parents Beware – Your Children Are Watching And Learning

November 18, 2011 William 0

Imagine the shock a short time ago when a curse word escaped from our six year old daughter’s mouth during her riveting recap of her school day. My wife noticed it too, and we exchanged a glance that said we would bring it up with our daughter later on. The same word floated out of her mouth again, and again one more time a few moments later. Okay, what was happening here? Our older children didn’t seem to notice, and after dinner when my wife and I discussed it we both figured our precious daughter must have picked it up from some troublesome kid at school. We were wrong!

Tips on How to Handle Unruly Children

June 27, 2011 White Moon 0

When a child is in the toddler stage, their stubbornness can often be cute however, when they hit school age this can quickly become not so cute. This is because their unruliness quickly becomes a big problem for teachers, parents, and caretakers. One of the first steps in fixing this problem, is to as a parent, admit that you have a problem controlling your child. When you take the time to admit to this, you are well on your way to overcoming the overall problems. Here, are a few other tips that may also help.