What is the Easiest Way to Teach Child Swimming Lessons?

Easiest Way to Teach Child Swimming Lessons – Swimming is real fun for kids in among all other summer activities. But rather than directly going in water by them a proper child swimming lesson is extremely important. There about

10 % incident of child drowning incident in summer is common occurrence all over the world. While learning swimming is fun for few kids, there are few children who hates going in the water. But as a parent you can their swim instructor and give them a fun filled swimming lessons on each day of summer. By taking care of few safety tips introduce your child to amicable water. First and most fundamental step for child swimming lesson is to remove the fear factor of water from their mind and body. Teach them few easy reflexes that are extremely useful in water body. Try few simple steps and see how your child moves freely like mermaid in the water.

Early beginning at the age of 3 month in the water tub is good idea to teach the infant how to swim. This will help them to develop an affinity for swimming.  If you want to teach you toddler swimming at very young age like 2 years go to local YMCA and join the classes for the mommy and me child swimming lesson.  Here you can learn few tips to handle the leg and hand of your child and how to teach them swimming being you as swimming instructor at ease. If you know swimming still it a good idea to take that class so that you don’t harm you children’s soft body parts unknowingly.

Be a tricky swimming instructor for your kid. Try to teach them swimming in shallow water bed in swimming pool. If your kid’s legs are reaching the ground of swimming pool, then you know there is much less chance of drowning or accident. If they always scare of getting sink then it will hard for them to teach the basic child swimming lesson. Teach them how to submerge their each body part in the body especially face mouth ear and nose. Try playing bubbles in the pool and this way they will go close to water deeper. If you are teaching to infant, let them play with water and tech how they can hear the fish under water. This will help them to go close to water by the ears. Try to practice an easy step on down in the bath tub with belly. This is the most crucial step in child swimming lesson. Now teach them how to kick their legs under water. Uniform kicking of leg is the second step towards swimming lesson. Ask them to splash water as much they can, this is always fun for them. In the pool try to get her in the side and hold their hand ask them to splash, after doing this gently leave their hand see how they try to swim by themselves.

Now it is time for your kid to move freely in water. Let them know the demarcation or line beyond where they cannot go. Let them read the numbers like 3 ft in most cases for beginners. As swim instructor it your duty to take care of the safety utmost as possible. Give swimming ring, life vest or swimming noodle to prevent any accidents. Now you try to move away few inches from the pool, so that your kids gain their own confidence and glide in the water. Tell them verbally and keep a constant eye on them. If you feel that she is just bobbing in the water tell them to practice the step of swimming, otherwise they will just play. Always encourage and praise every step they complete.