The advantages of using rainwater

For watering the garden, watering house plants, cooking as well as drinking, rainwater can be used. It is free. Collecting rainwater is not a difficult task. The purest kind of water is the rainwater. Rainwater collecting method can be built outside your house, if some space is available. Regular maintenance of tank is necessary. Plenty of diseases namely Dengue Fever, Ross River Fever etc spread due to Mosquitoes. This can be prevented by proper storage of roofwater as well as regular maintenance of the tanks.

The main water requirements of a house can be reduced by 70 percent by using rainwater for laundry, toilet flushing and garden purposes. The rainwater collected from the roof of the house is stored in tanks or vessels. Plenty of people around the World are using this facility. You can do a planning about such water tank ought to be placed above the ground or below. Usually, such tanks are placed above the ground. A nice space saving solution can be achieved by installing water tank underground.

The water captured from the rain ought to be stored in correct manner. Usually water stored in Dams is pumped through a network of pipes after treated with chemicals like chlorine to kill bacteria in it. With some precautions water from rain can be used in safe manner namely first flush of such water ought to be prevented from entering the tank because roof pollutants can be reduced in this way. To prevent mosquito breeding, insect proofing ought to be completed at inlets & overflow outlets.

As per your plan and budget, you can select one from different types of tanks namely concrete tanks, metal steel tanks, poly plastic tanks etc. The most common water tanks for plenty of houses are the polyplastic tanks because it is lightweight which makes it installation much simpler. Such tanks are available in different shapes and sizes. Some reasons of using roofwatering are lack of main water supply in your area, ensuring backup of other water supplies etc. You may have some doubts like for how many years manufacturer guarantee is available, the type of tank you needed to put in, whether the tank ought to be placed above the ground or below etc