The benefits of no tobacco in life

What is the importance of World no tobacco day? On 31st May, every year, this day is observed. This day encourage the people around the World to abstain from all forms of tobacco. Thousands of people around the globe are died ever year due to tobacco’s consumption. Encourage your friends and relatives to keep away from any forms of tobacco. Diseases like lung cancer, emphysema and cardiovascular disease can affect the people of tobacco users.  More than 4000 chemicals are there in tobacco of which 63 are carcinogens and 100 are poisons.

Every day plenty of people are using different forms of tobacco in form or other. Usually people start using tobacco with friends and later continue for plenty of years. If a person makes use of tobacco for plenty of years, his health will be affected with plenty of diseases. A serious issue is that in today’s world plenty of students and females are using tobacco. If a pregnant woman is using tobacco, from the mother the child will be affected with diseases. In the event that they continue to make use of tobacco for long period, plenty of health diseases will be affected & that may affect the life.

Health is wealth. It is one’s duty to maintain nice health. With a company of some friends, the young babies started using tobacco. Later they are addicted towards it. Nicotine is a stimulant that tobacco smoke contains and it has a strong psychological and physical addition. Nicotine is classified as class 1 insecticide. It is difficult to quit such habit. The smokers have the tendency to continue smoking repeatedly. Many rehabilitation centers are there to help those people who like to quit smoking.

In plenty of places, the Government has prohibited tobacco smoking in public places. From school level itself, the scholars ought to be taught about different harmful issues that can be affected due to the consumption of tobacco & they ought to be encouraged with no tobacco in their life. To know more about the health hazards of tobacco, the net is the best place. In cigarette pack itself, it is specified that smoking is injurious to health.