The Crux of Article Writing

Many people like reading articles. Some of them can read just anything but for few others, the piece of writing should be interesting enough. Interestingly, the principle of ‘first impression is the last impression’ holds true in the case of article writing as well. If the reader does not develop interest in the first few lines, he will not proceed further and we know what happens to our article after that.  However, have you ever thought what goes behind writing such articles? Anyone can write but what counts is an effective piece of writing that instigates the imagination of the reader. This is where effective article writing comes into picture. The article can be on any topic but it should be able to hold the interest of the reader. It would be still better if the article makes the reader a part of it.

Therefore, it is essential that you should first have the idea about the art of article writing. Whenever you start writing about anything, you need to have a clear idea about the topic in your mind along with the information that you want to put in your article. Once you decide upon the topic, you need to jot down some points on which you will base your article. In simpler words, it means that you need to think about the backbone of the article. The points that you decide upon will give you the flow and make the article writing a piece of cakewalk as you can easily build the content of your article around these points. To think of the points however, you need to make your imagination run. You have to keep in mind the fact that you are writing for readers who are searching for detail and authentic information on that topic.

In fact, you are not writing for yourself but your main aim in writing the article is that you want more and more people to read it. Therefore, when you start your article writing, you need to think of ‘you’, that is, the reader. You need to base your points on what the reader wants from this article and how you can pen down what he wants. This will give you two benefits. Firstly, the reader will be more interested as the article will deal with what he wants and he will be able to identify with what relevant information you present to him. Secondly, by not involving yourself in the article, you can increase your thinking to a broader perspective, which will give you more insight about the method that you should adopt to make your article more reader oriented.

Once you have the backbone of your article you can of course build upon it and give it a final look. It is also important to mention here that article writing follows a format, but it is not necessary that you have to write every article in the same format. There are different kinds of format and you have to choose the format keeping in mind your readers and the type of information that you want to provide to your readers. The article should have a catchy title, which will be the first to grab the reader’s attention. Next is the introduction, which is the most important part of the article as this is what will set the mood of the reader. In this, we will brief the reader about the topic. Then follows the body or the content, which contains the details and we can write our hearts out, keeping the word limit, if any, and the topic in mind.

We need to bear in mind that the matter should be relevant and interesting as well else, the purpose of the article fails. We then come to the end of our article with the conclusion. The article should contain a sense of totality and should not give the feel that there is something lacking. If however, there is a sequel to this article, you should leave the reader wanting for more so that he waits for the next one. An article can be in the form of a listing or a practical method of doing things. It can also be like a narrative of an incident experienced by someone else and penned down by you or anything religious, spiritual, inspirational, an essay or just generally informative. The basic thing to remember is that we are writing to accomplish a purpose, which should be evident in the complete article. Article writing is an art and we will eventually get better with practice.