The Death of The Link Exchange for SEO Benefits

Link exchange program is not a new concept as this system is prevalent from the time when internet has started, as it is the best method with the help of which a website can gain popularity in the search engine results leading to a high ranking based on the keywords provided in the website. Therefore, if a company or website desired to get popularity in the search engine site and flourish in the online business than link exchange program was the best choice for getting the desired results and establishing oneself in the online business. Different methods of developing link exchange programs are there and a website owner can choose any method to establish his link on other webmaster’s site and providing the space on his website for other webmasters to put in their link.


The easiest method of establishing link exchange program is to search for the sites that deal in products or services that are compatible with your products or services and then choose the sites that you feel will benefit you after reading all their web pages. Thereafter, you write a simple email to the chosen webmasters requesting them to establish link exchange program with your site. The other method of entering into the link exchange program is to visit the forums of the webmasters where you can get entry into the link exchange program related to certain category or to the open link exchange program, which is open for all the website owners.


However, the reciprocal system of link exchange has lost its importance as many of the webmasters manipulated this system for gaining high ranking in the search engine results this led to the death of the reciprocal link exchange program. Nowadays, the websites that have one-way link have more importance in the search engine optimization results. Many of the reputed search engines have barred the entry of websites having link exchange into the ranking system of search engine optimization. Today, directory submissions, social book marking, and article submissions have become the best source of building up links to one site as this one way link system is gaining rapid popularity in search engine optimization.