The Hunt For Authentic Breitling Watches-How to Spot Authentic Breitling Watches

The present technical opportunities are powerless when it comes to tell apart an original brand watch from a very well done copy and the same problem applies when Breitling watches are concerned. These days the way a copy is made imitates the original at such degree that even the finest details are perfectly manufactured. This means that the cases are cut with laser, the mechanism materials are very similar and the odds of noticing a flaw in the handcraft are less and less probable.

The original Breitling watches seem to be the favorites of the air pilots around the world coming as a natural accessory for the trade. This trend was established during World War I by the German Red Baron who started wearing the Breitling watch.

Breitling watches launched the first chronograph in 1942.After nine years the company specialized in making cockpit counters for the airplanes, becoming the leader of watch manufacturing market of the last 5 decades.

This story is a wonderful one when looked at the surface, but underneath lurk certain not so favorable details. Around 1980 the market was flooded with Breitling copies which looked very much like the originals and were claimed to be so. Because of their quality of manufacture these watches were sold in a great number doing very well on the market and by their success undermined the originals. An ordinary buyer wasn’t trained to notice the differences between the originals and the copies so the copy makers saw fit to bring into the market fakes of Fighter, Aviator, Crosswind and Navitimer.

A distinctive feature that may differentiate the fakes from the originals is the company logo. This logo is engraved in the dial at original watches while at copies is only printed there. Also the date window check-out may help because at originals this occupies a larger space than in the case of other watches.

Breitling copies have raised sub dials as chronograph is concerned and that is also a distinctive feature of a fake watch.

Breitling producer declared that the number of fake watches sold on the internet is increasing every day but there are legit salesmen that are providing originals online too.

The secret is for the buyer to be educated how to spot a copy by this the odds of getting conned being highly reduced.