The Various Types of Kitchen Designs

As you may already know, the kitchen is considered the busiest part of any home. In knowing this, the overall design of your kitchen should reflect who you are as a person and, your particular style. Most kitchens are most generally integrated into the rest of the home in such a way that they are not only used to cook, but also to entertain guests and family as well. When you are considering which type of kitchen design is best for you, you need to realize that there are basically two different types: modern and casual. However, there are a variety of different themes that are based off of these two basic designs.

One of the most common kitchen designs today would have to be the contemporary. This design is drawn from both Scandinavian and Danish styles. This would include cabinets that are flat and finished in light tones, stainless steel appliances and hardware, and, most generally, a stark palette of black and white with accents done in either red or white. The appliances and gadgets contained within this design are more modern. Finally the smaller appliances such as the coffeepot are generally shown rather than hidden.

With the farm kitchen design, the design is generally casual and country. Most generally, you will find retro touches contained within the enamelware and the use of cast iron skillets. The general style is rustic and, has a bead board paneling, cupboards that have built in a country style, and, forged iron hardware. The general colors used are those in the rich primary category and includes reds, yellows, and blues. In the farm kitchen design the accents will include such things such as cow figurines, rooster cookie jars and, much more.

The country kitchen design is similar to the farm kitchen but, has a few differences. One of the main ones of these being is that the country kitchen is not as rustic in appearance. The main reason why the country kitchen is so popular is due to the casual style which makes it great for the busy families of today. The overall decorating of a country kitchen is casual and, you can even integrate items from other designs. The overall décor is generally sunflowers, apples, or can be designed around one specific color.

All of the above styles are great styles and, quite popular in American Kitchens today. Remember however, whichever design you choose should be based on your own qualities and tastes.