This is how I cured my Piles Problem

The worst think I have ever faced in my life is Piles problem, I wish even my enemy should never suffer with it. Yes! I am talking about that extreme burning and painful feeling while passing your stool. In some cases it may become worst to create problems while sitting on hard surface or chair. One can fine many articles on the internet which can describe symptoms and causes of piles along with its various types. But here I am going to write about how I got my Piles Problem cured with few good medicines which are readily available in any drug stores and bringing some changes in daily routine.  Before going in to details I would like to mention here that I am not promoting any drug here I am just sharing my experience with you about how I have cured my Piles problem.

There is no surety that the same medicine or change in routine can cure your problem.  I also read many article mentioning many solutions for the Piles problems over internet but none of them worked so I had to find my own way to get rid of this issue and trust me I did it and today I can confidently say I have really got my Piles problem cured. Now it’s been around 4 years I have not faced any burning, itching or paining sensation and the best of it is that I haven’t stopped eating or drinking any particular food item or drink.  Yes I have been eating meat drinking liquor without having any further Piles complications.


Instead of running around the bush let’s talk about the solution that worked with me in resolving Piles problem. Please let me repeat it again here that I am not promoting any medicine or not necessary that same procedure can work with you but I am sure at least you can have great relief if you follow this. And the important part of it it’s very cost effective and no need to go for any operation. You just need to have proper medicine and make some changes in your daily routine. So if you are suffering with the Piles problem no matter what type of, you can just follow following steps;


Steps to Cure Piles Problem in one week

Step one: Soften your Stool

Many articles and experts have mentioned several ways doing it but I am going to share how I did it my own way.  We have to think about implementing it in two different way with two different solutions. First solution should be for the short term which can give immediate effect and the other one is for the long term which can keep your digestion in proper condition and can help in keeping your stool soft every day. So Let talk about them in details

A] Short term stool softener with immediate effect

While passing the stool if its hard and already Piles problem is there then its sure that its going to bleed and can be a dying painful experience. So its become very necessary that you keep your stool soft so that it can pass easily without any pains and the main important that it should not tear the place every day which generally happen. If this tearing is phenomenon is a regular for everyday no matter what medicine you are taking its not going to help. As throughout the day the medicine will try to heal the wound that has been created by this tearing and the next morning hard stool it open the wounds again.

In my case I took a very light laxative medicine which is very much herbal and has absolute no side effect if you consume it for short term on daily basis. I have used Pudin Hara Pills which are readily available with any chemist.   Just make sure you take it of correct brand as many fake brands are now a day working with Pudin Hara Tablets. You can take 2 tablets 3 times a day with look warm water till the time you get good relief. I would again suggest you take your physician advice before taking this tablets if you are suffering with any allergic phenomenon. Pudin Hara help you digest your food and keep your stool soft but according to some physician its not advisable to take these tablets on regular basis for the long term duration.

B] Long term stool softener

You need to make some changes in your daily routine and diet. Try to avoid doing thing which can generate excess heat in your body. Sleep properly and take enough sleep during night if possible do not change your bed time. The most important change I would suggest you which I did myself is take Full Glass of hot Cow’s milk every day before sleeping. Please make a note I am talking about Cow’s milk only if you could get it fresh daily then its excellent. If you want you can add a spoon full Cow’s Ghee too. Cow’s milk helps in improving digestion and make stool soft. One another important aspect you should follow on daily basis is drink enough Water.


Step Two: Take the right medicine

I was suggested to go for the operation but some how I was not comfortable with that solution so I preferred not to go for that. I tried few medicine which can cure the wounds but most of them did not worked. Later my physician suggested me to try a Homeopathic medicine and that really worked like magic for me. Yes it’s a homeopathic medicine which worked for me, just 5 pills a day 3-4 times. No need to apply any cream in 2-3 days you can start getting relief. The medicine which I have taken is Pilexil manufactured by Lonare Pharmacutical from Wardha District of Maharastra State of India. Yes its really worked, after taking advice from me many of my friends has tried it and got very good result. (Please make a note I am giving my own opinions and sharing own experience here not trying to promote any particular brand. My intention is the save many people from the painful  suffering through which  I have gone through. I would strongly suggest that you consult with your physician before taking any medicine which I have mentioned here.


Step Three: Continue the medicine and change routine

Please do not stop the medicine if you started feeling relief. I would suggest you to continue it for 4-5 months may be you can reduce the doses as per your experience but please keep it continue which can ensure that you should get trapped in it again. About drinking hot cow’s milk  you should continue it as a habit and at least follow for next six months time even if you feel you have cured your piles problem.


I hope this will works for you and you can also live a Piles free life like me and just forget it as a worst night mare.  Please take a note that I would strongly suggest consult with your physician before taking any of the medicine I have mentioned here. It is not necessary they will work for as they did for me. But on overall I would say you can follow the same strategy and find out some other suitable medicines for you to help you in getting result in above mentioned steps.


If you really liked and tried it please do not forget to share you experience in the comment box bellow here.