Tips for Writing Power Resume for Graduate School Application

We always have a notion that we should keep our resume brief and to the point. But it is totally different in case of applying to graduate school. As we know professional CV is usually comprise 1 or maximum 2 pages, while for graduate school you need to elaborate your CV more intricately. It is not only about the number of pages but a professional job cv is many way different from a CV for applying to graduate school in terms content, organization and details. Here are few points which you can emphasize in your resume while applying to graduate school.

  • If you are starting from scratch, please go to few website and find a sample resume. Try to include education, job experience, details of projects you have completed, honors, award, personal achievement,  community services, language proficiency and skills, any other relevant skill like computer, software techniques etc. First start with your education and degree you obtained and then job experience with the explanation of the project you have finished. Then add few more heading at least five to six, to highlight and bolster your credential.
  • Try to write your CV in Microsoft word and use customary approach to include your name, contact details and email. You should never put date or sign your CV; you can do those when you’re sending a letter like cover letter or application. Try to bold all the headings or can underline the header. Keep at least 2 line space between each points. Try to understand the key or strong point which you will definitely want to bring upfront, try to bold mark them, like outstanding grade, honor relevant to your application of specific graduate school.
  • Try to make rough work sheet before actually start writing your CV. This will help you to be more organized and there will be less chance you will forget any points. After putting the entire event try to remember the exact date which you definitely want to put in your resume. It is very important show your involvement all your previous year in chronological order to reflect your persistence interest in particular field for graduate school. Try writing the experience in order like, the newer first then go back to the earlier one. Awards or honor you can put it any order which does not matter in your CV in terms of date.
  • After these steps take print out of the CV and see how it look in hard form. Recheck it few times and ask someone to recheck again so that you don’t have any single mistake or typos in your CV