Tips On How To Harvest Strawberry Seeds.

If you ask anyone what their favorite summer fruit is most likely you will get strawberries as an answer. Strawberries are so popular in fact, that many gardeners who find themselves with lack of space grow their strawberries in containers. However, what a lot of people do not realize is that you can save your strawberry seeds for later use or, even how to do that. There are a few important tips to do this but first, you need to be sure that you are starting with either heirloom or heritage seeds. Do not use hybrid seeds because you will not get the correct results. Here are a few other tips on how to harvest strawberry seeds.

One of the very first things that you want to do when you want to harvest strawberry seeds is to allow the strawberries to remain on the vine till they are very ripe. You will know they are over ripe when their color is a deep red versus the medium red that most people prefer for eating. Also you will notice that the strawberries have become a little mushy instead of firm.

Once have picked the overripe strawberries place them into a jar with just enough warm water to cover them. Place a tight sealing lid on the jar and allow the strawberries to sit in the water for about three to four days.

Now that the four days are up you will want to pour the strawberries through a fine mesh strainer, cheese cloth works great. Next you will use a spoon and gently mash the strawberries however be sure that you are not using too much pressure because you will damage the seeds which are located on the outside of the strawberry.

Next you will want to take the strawberry pulp that you have created and run it under cold water while still in the strainer. If you have done this correctly the strawberry pulp should be gone and, only the seeds should remain.

Pour the remaining seeds onto a plate and allow them to dry for about 5 days then place them inside a labeled envelope and put them in your gardening supplies for next year. There you have it simple tips on how to harvest the seeds from the strawberry.